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Vibe Smed

​Vibe is the youngest female Club Supercar patron - however, she is known as Denmark’s first lady in race driving. Born in 1988, Vibe has had a passion for racing since the age of 10, first in go-cart racing and since 2006 in race cars.

Club Supercar met Vibe several years ago at a 24hr go-cart marathon race at a local electric go-cart track where Vibe was assisting the drivers from a mechanical point of view. Vibe is currently Denmark’s only female international race car driver. She is a Team Denmark athlete who in 2008 lived in England where she worked as a race instructor at Palmer Motorsport. On weekends she competed in Formula Palmer Audi championship, racing on English and European tracks.

In 2009 she returned to Denmark, but continued to race in the Britcar series in a Porsche 996 GT3. In 2010 she competed in the prestigious series British GT, where she raced in a Ginetta G50.

Vibe’s skill on the track both electric and traditional is amazing so guys watch out!

Vibe is the youngest female Club Supercar patron.