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Niclas Lindberg

​Get a whole new driving experience with a racing instructor.

Niclas Lindberg offers all who need a little guidance in our supercars, a 2 hour drive on the road. Here’s your chance to experience fully what the cars can - and can not do. Each car is unique in its own way and even if you are an experienced DRIVER of supercars, you may benefit from some guidance in a model you have not run before. Niclas is ready to answer all your questions.

“I have worked as chief instructor at Sturup Raceway since 2002 and trained both ordinary people as well as race car drivers in high speed driving. In my career I have been lucky enough to teach people everything from go-carts to Lamborghinis, Clio’s to F1 cars, both in Sweden and Hungary. Beside my job I is also have time for some endurance racing, which I love. I look forward to meeting Club Supercars members and give them my best tip before their first ride in a supercar.

I’m used to working with all types of people, both individually and in groups. I have taught ordinary people and celebrities, including Sweden’s Crown Princess Victoria and her future husband, and a large part of both the Danish and Swedish elite.

I am very pleased to meet Supercars Club members and ready with information for those who try a super car for the first time, but also for those who already have a lot of experience.”