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Kenny Brack

​A true champion!

During the last decade Kenny Brack has been Sweden’s Champion in IndyCar and Indy 500 Champion now retired but focuses on developing young talented kids, who have the drive and passion for racing. As a Champion Kenny like other winners in their league knows what it takes to be a winner.

What Kenny Says…

“Kenny’s favourite supercar manufacturer is Porsche, because they build cars that you can use everyday in any weather. The new Panamera Turbo is a great car big enough to seat 4 people and with luggage space, comfortable and quiet, but balance and performance to deal with any situation”.

“My favourite race car of all the cars I have driven, including some F1 cars, I must say was the CART cars we drove in the early 2000’s in the North American CART Championship. They had over 1000 hp and weighed 750 kgs. Great performance. We sometimes reached 400 km/h. The IndyCars in which I won the Indy 500 were also very fast but in those days we did not race them on the road courses which we did with the CART cars”.

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