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Christoffer Nygaard

​All eyes were on Christoffer Nygaard’s debut at Le Mans 2010. Club Supercar had the opportunity to meet with the then 23 year old driver right before the race.

Christopher was barley able to contain his excitement to join his two team members and begin his first lap in the gruelling 24 hour race. We chatted with Christopher in the pit lane, and despite the frenetic activity swirling around, he was focused and ready to climb in the Aston Martin DBR9, a car he was well acquainted with from his experience driving the VM series.

It was a pleasure to speak with Christopher as he launched his career on the world renown Le Mans track before he fired up his engine, readying himself to compete for the Young Driver classification. Club Supercar is always on the track up close and personal to provide our race car enthusiasts a unique perspective and the inside story of Le Mans racing.

All eyes were on Christoffer Nygaard's debut at Le Mans 2010.