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Bjarne Riis

​As a member of Club Supercar, you can now meet Bjarne Riis and hear

him talk about his passion for cars and cultivation of the vine.

Bjarne Riis became world famous when in 1996 he won the Tour de

France. Today he owns the cycling team Team Saxo Bank and has just

completed a year on the road with his cycling team in 2009, including

participated in the Tour de California, Giro d'Italia, Tour de France

and Vuelta Espana.

It is not hard to imagine that Bjarne's calendar is filled up

most of the time. But what does he do when he has time of and is home

with the family?

With Bjarne's passion for cycling and love for the sport in

general, it is interesting to ask, How is leisure time spent, and how is

he preparing for a new season?

Bjarne Riis has cultivated his own wine in Italy and you can now get a unique insight into what life as a wine grower is.

We here at Club Supercar know that when Bjarne is not on the road

with his cycling team Team Saxo Bank, he is a real family man who always

puts his family first.

Besides the family, Bjarne use his apare time to find and taste, good

wines. This hobby goes way back, and he now has a great knowledge and

experience of wines from around the world. As one of many favorite

wines, Bjarne mentions a Masetto year the 1997th.

"If you want to be wine expert, it helps to try many different wines," says Bjarne with a smile.

Bjarne's passion for wine

After his long career, he lived with his family in Lucca, Italy. In

their beautiful and cozy house in the mountains of Tuscany, he had the

opportunity to develop his own wine.

Bjarne succeeded in a very short time to deliver a small but

exclusive production of quality wine. Just the first year the harvest

was 150 bottles. Subsequently, it was more than 300 bottles.

Today, Bjarne's wine is not for sale but part of his own private wine collection.

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