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Andrea Piccini

​I am Andrea Piccini race driver, racing instructor and safety driving instructor.

In my spare time I like to stay with my family and friends, play and listen music, playing around with my PC.

I would say that I’m very lucky because I could make a living out of something that for most of the persons has to be a Hobby!I like to train to keep myself always fit…is this just part me my job or a hobby?!

I’m so lucky that being the director of the Ferrari and Maserati School I get the chance to bring very often the client on Varano and Fiorano circuits for hot laps, so I’m authorized to play around with some of the most beautiful dream car on the market at the moment.

I think the 599 HGTE is on top of my list! Dark grey with a Red Cartier interior!

I think these clubs such as Club Supercar are a great idea: there are many beautiful cars on the market and like this you don’t need to choose any compromise - you can get always the right car for any situation matching your mouth also!

Join me in corporation with Ferrari Denmark and experience a racetrack experience in Maranello on the Fiorno track…the home and birth town of Ferrari.